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our politicians and great

our politicians and great leaders have always been talking about saving 'girl child','eradicate dowry system', 'no sex discrimination', 'equal education for all', etc. from the time India got its freedom. Now its 21st century, and we have the leaders who are promising the same thing. Why do we talk a lot about feminism? We talk about equal pay, equal position and respect in the society. Why? We talk a lot about safety of girls in colleges, in streets, in buses, in offices, in many other places.... My question is - IS THE GIRL SAFE IN HER OWN HOUSE? With her father, uncle, brother, cousin, father-in-law, brother-in-law,........? Then why do we promise innocent girls about safe India? Safe World? Nothing is safe till a woman in the remotest part of the world and from the metropolitan cities boldly give birth to 'girl child'. Till every woman feels secure during her wedding, that even if she bears a girl child, I am safe. Till every boy to get married stands against dowry.

GIVE THIS SECURITY. Then lets think about security.......
Thank you for this column


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