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black rise in Detroit

Walter Reuther, European decendant and member of the Catholic socialist group, the Association of Catholic trade unions, which was dissolved in 1968, Reuther did not and fought Communist infiltration of US trade labor unions which was hugely supportive and black.
By not allowing the black into skilled trades and upper union official positions, he was able to keep the UAW and CIO under Christian socialist control to prevent communist policy agenda from destroying all the strong socialist economic and social policies that the industrial unions and president FDR New Deal policies had help create for the 60% wealth held in the hands of Americas middle class.

Since communist unions taken over the US industrial labor unions, in the 70's, and passed contracts and policy to destroyed those past existing Catholic union policies, that made America strong and good for the working man, early stages of communism and totalitarianism military police state, without working class rights, liberty and less freedoms are becoming more visibly!!! beefing seen


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