Solidarity with Victims of Seattle Police Raid

Solidarity condemns the Seattle police raid on activists of the Occupy movement in that city. The report on this raid makes clear that the purpose of this assault was to find “anarchist material” in the activists’ apartment, i.e. to attack their rights of free speech and to intimidate people from joining or supporting this movement.

The Occupy movement in Seattle and across the United States represents the growing anger of the disenfranchised, the dispossessed and indeed “the 99%” in this class-ridden and increasingly unequal society. That is why the movement is viewed as a “threat” by the institutions of the state and police, and by the corporate ruling elites that ultimately control them. We stand with the Seattle activists in the defense of their rights and their refusal to be intimidated.

The Political Committee of Solidarity

More West Coast raids by FBI

the people who were raided

the people who were raided were actually communists, not anarchists.

Right, but the warrant was

Right, but the warrant was for "anarchist materials". I think this quotation was selected to illustrate that the Seattle police openly admit that they are attacking the free speech rights of radicals, rather than to indicate the politics of the comrades who were targeted.

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