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Rick Sanchez Fired: Where is the Outcry

Latino's when do They March? Immigration, biases, racism, etc. When do Latino's get parity! Are we waiting again for Rev Al or Rev. Jackson to take the reins? How many of us out there have worked for an employer and after years of working for them not know if their employer is biased? Subtle behavior doesn't negate prejudice. Latino's need a leader! Aren't we sick of being second class? We are now being robbed, killed, even told to go back to our country (not sure which), and slanderer by Blacks now too (I know you read the news: Staten Island New York, Long Island, etc. ). Isn't it bad enough we are now called "people of color" making me singularly a Black man and weren't Black's once called this derogatory name? Italian's were once called Spic's (for spaghetti people) and guess who's been labeled with this for years. Isn't it time to stand up and be counted? Don't wait for this to be news on television, radio, cable or a movie, because remember the media is literally Black and White. No pun intended! Comments by Philander David Lettermen; undercover biased jokes by John Steward, give me a break (come on parity; were are the black and Jewish jokes!) oh, I guess only the "chosen people" can tell jokes about "other" minorities because if a Latino tells a joke about one of the "chosen people" they get fired or arrested! Good luck Rick ,and Imus, I see you found work on another station.

Raymond Sanchez
2523 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10010


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