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Excellent Proposals, But Something Else to Consider

I agree with the overall thrust of Howie Hawkins' article. But its second paragraph, in which he states his views of the Green Party's problems that his proposals seek to solve, omits as much as it explains.

The Stein campaign hired Democrats to run the campaign and excluded grassroots Greens, possibly to an unprecedented extent as compared to past Green national campaigns. This contributed to a situation in which Dr. Stein soft-pedalled her position as the leader of an opposition party.

A good example was her campaign staff's refusal to consider a proposal for Dr. Stein to go after former Secretary of State Clinton for her criminal record and that of her husband, their Foundation, and their corporate sweatshop cronies in Haiti. When presented with the opportunity to take action in solidarity with the struggle by Haitian activists against US imperialism and the UN military occupation and for labor and human rights, self-determination and national sovereignty, and consequently build bridges to the Haitian-American community, Stein's campaign staff and advisors took a pass. They would not return phone calls. They were simply not interested.

So I would say that, although Howie's package of proposals are excellent and something we all should get behind, structural reforms are not enough to get the Green Party where it needs to be. There are POLITICAL problems that also need to be addressed. Not least of which is the question of whether the Green Party is to be, primarily, a truly independent left alternative to the Democrats, or a doormat for disgruntled Democrats to wipe their boots on. This is the Green Party's identity crisis, and we need to face it, squarely and honestly, before any progress can be made.


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