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What has hampered YGB in this

What has hampered YGB in this town is the kid glove treatment they have received by the workshop activist community. Instead of solidarity and principled critique, we see would-be progressives climbing all over themselves to validate the black experience with endless testimonials to personal privilege. As a consequence, the black community is seen to be a community of victims. When combined with corporate AND "liberal" media projections of the group as well-meaning, but needlessly loud, youthful and inexperienced activists, we are now seeing a return to "leadership" by the usual empty suspects: clergy, charities and foundations. To regain the momentum YGB needs to be challenged to deepen the struggle and not fall prey to trying to please the academic academics and the workshop activists which grow like weeds on the political landscape of madison. As a parent whose children fit the disparity profile of Dane County presented above, my children are finding inspiration from the fighting example of YGB, but we all need to raise our games or face another frittered away,fizzle.


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