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Misplaced Criticism or Reactionary Bot?

I cannot figure out how this diatribe could possibly be construed as relevant to this article. This meandering rant seems designed to do something its author (supposedly) dislikes, namely splitting those on the left into "smaller and smaller groups" through distraction, inflammatory rhetoric and the creation of imaginary divisions. I am convinced, after rereading this several times, that this comment represents the work of a malicious bot, perhaps created by a politically motivated hacker and unleashed on unsuspecting leftist websites.

With the exception of the first line about "cleaning up" - which misses the point so badly it suggests the author didn't read the article - there is nothing in the whole comment related to the particular topic of Hillary Clinton, although some topical words like "feminism" are included. Modern comment bots accomplish a semblance of "relevance" by scraping the text of an article, page or website, and applying semantic algorithms to extract keywords. These are then incorporated into the comment's text. This text itself is generated by word "spinning" software, hence the comment's seeming incoherence and lack of true relevance to the article.

The existence of such bots should surprise no one at this point. Recently, a reactionary hacker named Andres Sepulveda appeared in the U.S. news media for rigging many Latin American elections in favor of some despicable right wing candidates, and waging cyber warfare on the left in myriad other ways. Whether or not I am correct in my strong feeling about this particular comment, those on the left with computer programming ability could contribute much by working to identify and neutralize these new weapons.


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