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Apparently you're too

Apparently you're too euphoric to read the little section called "source links" that contains all the evidence your inflammatory whine demands for. And the fact that you're using "socialist" as an insult clearly shows where you stand, further confirming the crisis of the Clinton voter - actions and beliefs that make you not so different to a Republican. "Socialist" is only an insult for them.

First woman president is so important that it doesn't matter if it's a woman who had never in her career stood for women's rights? For all your cries about evidence, the only thing you cite as proof of Clinton's feminism is a single speech - which, by the way, is exactly what "lip service" means. Would you back up Sarah Pailin for president with the same "doesn't matter, is woman" ludicrous claim? What about Carly Fiorina? Would you stand with her too, "because woman"?

You are exactly the kind of Clinton voter the rest of us Democrats and feminists don't want to assosiate with, the kind who only votes Clinton because there aren't any moderate Republicans left anymore.


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