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"Where is the evidence?" Your

"Where is the evidence?" Your comment is the equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and shouting "ya ya ya ya ya," the way my four year old does when he doesn't want to hear something. The authors DO cite a number of specific Clinton policies, otherwise known as "evidence," that hurt the most vulnerable, including plenty of women. They even provide you with a lengthy list of source links for further study. No matter, you apparently are here to make a moving speech about the symbolic importance of having a woman be President of the United States--any woman president, even a hawkish, neoliberal career politician with a history of wreaking havoc on vulnerable populations around the world. Congratulations. You are demonstrating exactly the kind of narrow, privileged thinking that the authors decry--a "feminism" disconnected from the wider social justice issues of race, class, capitalism and imperialism, disconnected from the reality of the way POWER works. Nice try, indeed.


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