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Why the Right are winning

What's wrong with cleaning up? Seriously?
We can't all be well written and have a good deal with publishing houses and be well spoken and have the correct political opinions. Some of us have to clean up. And work in factories. Make the wheels go around. People who clean toilets for a living could put an end to this white bread one size fits all nonsense if we weren't all labelled as constantly needing assistance from the better off. The unyoung. The uncoloured. The unpoor.
It's all right for some. Take a peek out of the hallowed hall of academia and tut tut and make pronouncements and withdraw. Put your head down over a book and read about the everyday struggle going on around you and make pronouncements so Socialism splits into smaller and smaller groups so those who have made it can decide whom is the least privileged?
It comes to something when we as Socialists are denying people as part of the struggle because they aren't coloured enough or poor enough or disabled enough or LGBT enough?
A fight toward the bottom, an endless argument as to who has least privilege,to be forced to deny any personal success in the fight for fear of being labelled 'corporate'? Really?
I've been in battles with the National Front. I've fought against male supremacy. I've been wounded and arrested for being wounded. I've cleaned toilets for a living. I've stacked shelves. I've worked in a factory. I've looked after my Mum when she was ill. I will never make enough to own anything other than the bed I sleep in and the books I have managed to accumulate. I'm not ashamed of it. I suppose because I have to work for a living and could never afford to attend university I have to check my privilege!
The Right are laughing at us! All over the Internet. Pointing and mocking! Race to the bottom! Whom is worse off! Check your privilege! Socialism, liberalism, anarchism, have all become words of execration. True progression, that is caring for your fellow humans, is looked upon as weakness and the louder we shout the more they laugh.
I'm writing because I'm angry and frustrated. The Right don't care. Socialism is too busy fighting the bad fight and using phrases like 'corporate feminism' in battle against 'womanism' and keeping it's hands clean while people suffer and die.
This kind of high-minded experience-free recitations are making it worse.
The sooner we become extinct as a species, and allow wild life to take over, the better!


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