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A renerwed strategic perspective--some questions and suggestions

I think that this document is useful and thoughtful. In reading it, though, I had a few reservations.

In "Implementation," it suggests the Left activists should seek certain kinds of jobs. Not present in that list was anything about the freight or related industries. This raises the question of how we should relate to TDU. I would think that it remains a potential center for left strength and organizing, and a source of potential solidarity and power for other activities. Have I missed something? If this is NOT true, then I think it would be useful to discuss why it is not true, and what that implies for the future.

In Section V. Questions and Challenges, I am concerned about the lack of attention to the climate crisis and the movements around it. On the one hand, this crisis is enormous and has to be addressed. On the other, it seems to me to be a perfect area for Left labor activists to take on important politics and show why the working class is so crucial. What I have in mind is that the climate crisis takes concrete forms in local disasters. As things stand, neither capital nor governments are very good at dealing with the after-effects of such disasters (and often do not want to). We saw this with both Katrina and Sandy--and we saw that Occupy Sandy did excellent work, and helped draw attention to the left in this regard. In the case of Katrina, some sections of the left and of the working class likewise sent aid. (I wrote a poem about this and can send it on to anyone who asks.)

Wouldn't it make sense for our local left and labor groups to plan ahead on how to respond to various emergencies? And how to build political organization in the communities where we do this? This is not the same as "social service work," and it can be politically very meaningful for the local communities.


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