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I looked at the Levi again this evening. On the peasant question, it is not so much the famine question that L & L focus upon, as the fact that the Bolsheviks' adaptation to the policy of the Socialist Revolutionaries, failed to SPLIT the peasantry, but instead turned them into one "middle peasantry" firmly wedded to private property rather than socialism on the land.
On the question of the dictatorship of the proletariat, while Luxemburg did in fact protest the Bolsheviks' dispersal of the Constituent Assembly--a criticism that was probably mistaken--what Levi is complaining about is not, as I previously said, the "sole reiiance" of the B's upon the soviet form, but rather their inwardly top-down view of the soviet dictatorship--which can be derived right out of What is to be Done, and which lent itself easily, Levi implies, to the ban on other parties, the bureaucratic Terror (which Luxemburg also criticized)...and even, by implication, Bela Kun's stupid ordering of the March Action in 1921--revolution by decree of the Zentrale and the "strategy of the offensive."
It's hard to really know how much of this, especially the mistakes, was in fact dictated by events over which the B's had no control. I do believe that the land policy was fundamentally mistaken, that they should have put up a stronger battle for the orthodox Marxist position.
Yet Levi's analysis of the possibility that the bureaucratism and state terrorism MIGHT have stemmed from an internal manipulativeness, internal to Bolshevik thought, is intriguing.
It was probably a combination of both. But we ignore Levi's critique at our peril.


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