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Levi and Luxemburg on the Peasant question and democracy

An excellent review for the most part. two criticisms, having to do with timing. Comrade Post misses the mark, I believe:
Peasant question:
This is not a question of political support for L&L, but rather, food for the cities. Shouldn't the Bolsheviks have stuck with the original Marxist program on the Land question--which meant not handing out all the feudal estates to the peasants to be parcelled out privately--or just standing by and urging them on--but instead, starting the "war against the kulaks" early, and encouraging rural workers and poor landless peasants to farm these estates collectively to prevent what happened very quickly--famine?
Constituent Assembly--Levi is talking about what the ultimate form of the State should be. Of course, as YEAR ONE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION by Serge showed, the soviets were the backbone of the revolution, and socialist that relied upon parliamentary forms--as in Finland--were in big trouble. The remnants of the Constituent Assembly became the focal point of Counterrevolution. But...did Lenin's sole reliance upon the soviet form, in perpetuity--did that presage bureaucratism and eventual autocracy? That's what Levi is really talking about here.
But otherwise, a good review.
I'd like to work on Levi's critique of the March Action as the basis for a general critique of anarchism and the cult of "direct action": all the rage today. We should not neglect this. Levi's understanding of the trajectory of working class revolution was profound--and he got it from Luxemburg.


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