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The Capitalist Class VERSUS the Tea Party

David Finkel is absolutely correct that the capitalist class in the US, while willing to use the Tea Party wing of the Republicans to impose a more brutal austerity and anti-labor agenda, is absolutely opposed to a government shut-down. The failure to raise the debt ceiling and a disruption of government spending would send shock-waves through the global credit markets and disrupt global production and circulation. The two most important organizations of capitalists in the US, the Business Roundtable and the US Chamber of Commerce have come out against the Tea Party's brinkmanship:

The Tea Party, while supported by political outliers in the capitalist class like the Koch brothers, is a political phenomena that is INDEPENDENT of capital. It reflects the growing racist/nativist, anti-working class hysteria of sections of the white middle class-- both professionals and managers and small business people. Again, while capital may find these yahoos useful in their battle against working people at home and abroad, the Tea Party has and is often on capital's "wrong-side."


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