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If you stop and think about

If you stop and think about it, Chibber is attempting to equate his own "political Marxism" with Marxism in general. If the vanguard party methodology so bent on litmus tests is something Solidarity was launched to supersede, it is distinctly odd to see the same hair-splitting tendency on display around academic debates. The scholars involved with Subaltern Studies--admittedly something I have had little inclination to pursue--are not the enemy of Marxism. They just have a different interpretation than Chibber. You can see how one reviewer exhibits some fairly toxic behavior in praising Chibber's book:

"In the film Avengers there is a scene where the villan [sic], Loki, faces the Hulk and does not come out well in the encounter. In irritation he puffs up his chest and shouts, “Enough! I am a God!” Hulk picks up Loki by his feet and smashes him all over the place like a rag doll and leaves him lying helpless in a pile of rubble and sniffs, “Puny God!” Vivek Chibber does a Hulk on the Subaltern School (SS)."

Adolfo Gilly, who is regarded as the preeminent Marxist scholar in Mexico and a long-time supporter/member of the Fourth International stated in the July-August 2010 NLR:

"I became familiar with Subaltern Studies and the work of Ranajit Guha and Partha Chatterjee in the late 1980s. I only really read Edward Thompson in the 1990s. His Making of the English Working Class and Customs in Common lay a lot of emphasis on the category of experience, which in my view is extremely important to Marxist thought."

I am opposed to Gilly "lying helpless in a pile of rubble".


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