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Idle No More Chicago; Question about the AFN

Thanks for this write-up, it's a great summary of information.

Here in Chicago, I have not heard about an action on J11 but there was a good flash mob round dance this past Saturday, January 5, organized by the American Indian Center of Chicago. Around 250 attended, including some from surrounding states like Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. The flash mob began at Federal Plaza and marched to the Canadian consulate, where a representative came out and spoke to the crowd (this was the day after Harper had announced he was going to meet with Chief Spence). Afterwards, there was a final round dance done with the American Indian Movement intertribal song.

There's a video on Youtube:

I am also commenting to ask for some elaboration. In the second paragraph you write: Idle No More had ballooned as a grassroots movement with its own leaders, independent of the Assembly of First Nations. I was wondering if you could comment or provide reading more about the history of the Assembly of First Nations and their role, and the significance of independent leadership. Is there or has there been a similar body in the "United States" or is this something unique to the Canadian state?


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