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The revolutionary hustle

There are some South African activists (often ultraleft or reactionary) who've been saying this for YEARS but it doesn't gain much traction because those representing these struggles to the wider world have a vested interest in promoting the rotten version - the top end secure grants, which they trickle down to handpicked favourites in the form of either direct cash injections and/or national and even international trips for the poor person who hustles the line well enough to help secure further grants.

In many cases it happens sub-consciously, but given the vitriol of attacks on South Africans who've said similar to what you are saying, in many cases it's apparent that the 'left' willfully tries to shut down critique - instead of honestly acknowledging the weaknesses.

On my kinder days, I think 'maybe they're just too scared to face up to how desperately weak we are'. But mostly, I just see everyone protecting their individual little power bases, as capital has trained us so well to do.

Misrepresenting the extent of revolutionary 'will' is just another hustle. And, honestly, in occupied territory, hustling is an important survival skill.


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