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not quite

For black people/African Americans it was indeed a revolutionary war, but by no means was it so for Americans in general. Lincoln was a racist who told "N" word jokes in public, wanted to deport all former slaves to Africa, and thought that they should never be given civil rights equal to whites - he wanted to maintain an apartied type segregation. Both sides in the civil war were bad, there were only some good people on each side.

Racism and indeed the objective conditions of workers in the South only grew worse after the civil war. Capitalism was also much empowered by the civil war, but if you take historical materialism seriously, I suppose that was a good thing because Marx believed that capitalism had to triumph over feudalism before communism could happen. To be an orthodox marxist then, one has to be post-capitalist, not anti-capitalist. Uncritical orthodox Marxism to me is almost as bad as biased Northern historical revisionism.


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