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"peace nazis"

On May Day in New York, Occupy Wall Street put together a coalition of labor, immigrant rights groups, radical organizations and OWS itself. The march was 30,000 people and managed to tie up Lower Manhattan for hours.

During preparations for this event, "rules" were hammered out to protect immigrant participants who, if they were arrested, and found to be undocumented, could face deportation. What was, in effect, a marshall system was developed that included all factions, including OWS anarchists.

However, one anarchist faction decided that "diversity of tactics" was more important than the unity of the march, as was negotiated by all factions, including other OWS anarchists. It split to organize its own march of a few hundred people. A few dozen were arrested.

Guess who got the headlines the next day?

You call us "peace nazis." I call you clowns, substituting the content of your own egos for radical democracy.


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