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this is poorly written. you don't even define violence. you throw up straw men and call yourself a radical. have you ever been beaten by a cop? been pepper sprayed? how about flash bang grenades or tear gas? do you honestly think that non violence is going to bring down the most violent state in human history?

most of the people who scream about non violence, are the first to freak out when riot cops show up. they don't even practice non violent civil disobedience when challenged. they are the first to condemn the actions of others, but never put their bodies on the line. they worship gandhi and mlk but when given the chance to do it, they never stand their ground. if everyone in the occupy movement would hold true to real gandhi-ing civil disobedience we could really push this agenda much much further. problem is the peace nazi's don't put their money (or their bodies) where their mouths are.

is "violence" property destruction? no
is "violence" the right to self defense? no
is "violence" when cops beat the fuck out of protestors? yes.

so what you are saying is you support a state monopoly on violence.

in a non-heirarchical leaderless movement we don't need the peace nazis to tell us how to protest.


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