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Re. left unity work

Much of what Nathan Rao said in detail I can agree with. I'd like to know what tendency he subscribes to, because it sounds like he's familiar with Mike Macnair's book on revolutionary strategy.

I'm all for cooperation at the EU level, so long as it's made clear that government responsibilities and perhaps even confidence vote support are out of the question. I'd go further and say that the NPA should campaign for the EU itself becoming a unified polity and a democratic republic.

Re. the regional elections: how much constitutional power do the regions have, or are many of the social programs administered by the national government? If they are administered nationally, then it's somewhat pointless to cooperate with the SP or its ass-kissers.

Campaigning for the legislative elections should focus on electoral reform. I'm surprised that France, despite its radical political tradition, doesn't have proportional representation.


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