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The Way Forward

The Occupy movement needs to orient itself towards the most oppressed in society for it to get anywhere. The movement has already changed the national conversation and brought the issues of high inequality and corruption in corporate board rooms and the halls of governments into the minds of all Americans. Now we need to elevate the needs of the most oppressed in society to the top of the order of the day. By standing up for the basic rights and needs of women, people of color, LGBTQI, the elderly, the young, students, the disabled, etc., the Occupy movement will find a base of support and tap into an infinite well of energy to fuel its fight against the 99%'s common oppressors. By orienting towards the most oppressed, we fight for everyone. We need to move past superficial reforms such as "End the Fed" and "Overturn Citizens United v. FEC" and start elevating slogans such as "Free Education Through College", "Single-Payer Health Care", and "Nationalize the Banks", because these are programs that will actually help people. Our political and economic system is bankrupt (quite literally!) and we must push the Occupy movement to overturn it and replace it with a system that can provide for the needs of society rather than the wealth of an elite minority. The Occupy movement has so far been a great organizing and "consciousness raising" tool, but we need to move forward with concrete demands that speak to the needs of all people, rather than focusing energies on reforming a system built to oppress us.


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