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demonstrators This is a joint

This is a joint movement against capitalist system employees, against banks and finance dictatorships! We have shown employees who together fight against the capitalist system! Are always stronger than all! The Social Democratic movement accuracy is not too ends this republic! Because each new movements against capitalist democracy means freedom preparation development, all countries need Socialist Party. Freedom and equality should have no boundaries. We all want to be free of all political democracy demonstrators heißet news! 99% of the people make decisions Weill Baruch workers safe and long life! All future children! secure job!, equal pay equal work!, of course, every country people are employed throughout the same blood! together against capitalist system, and have clear interpretations of the same opinions! Everyone him his home city of their country and fighting against big capitalists system. People want better lives! Schuler students want exactly bessre training workers want better future for your children! The protesters say because any freedom without equality has no meaning! Kirieg burst the peace Hutten.
Ahmad Hesam


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