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January 24th action

With the Republican House of Representatives forcing President Obama to rule on the route on the pipeline within 60 days, he rejected the proposed route. He said that the rushed decision prevented a full assessment of the pipeline's impact on the health and safety of the population and our environment.

He told TransCanada Corporation that they could reapply, and they are already preparing another route from the Alberta tar sands to New Orleans.

Critics of this decision talked about the 20,000 jobs the pipeline would provide (the State Department's report said that 6,000 construction jobs would be created), and denounced Obama as a job killer. They also claimed that this decision would allow China to be first in line to obtain the tar sands oil.

Once again we are presented with the notion that having a decent-paying job trumps concerns about whether we will be able to have clean water or air we can breathe. Unfortunately some unions have lined up with big oil on this one.

Environmental organizers, led by, are planning to demonstrate in front of Congress on January 24, urging protesters to meet at noon on the West Lawn wearing a referee's shirt for the "Blow the Whistle" on corruption demonstration.


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