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Anti-War as Anti-EMPIRE

David, nice article but, it could be more effective if,

Here's my simple chant for the limited 'single-issue' anti-war movement --- which comports with Tom Brokaw's national TV 'call-out' on "Meet the Press" similar to Walter Cronkite's '68 truth-telling on Vietnam:

"Stop Acting Like a Fucking Global EMPIRE"

Surprisingly, Tom Brokaw is a strong natural ally of Bernie, and Tom could also help force Hillary out of the race for Democratic president --- just like another highly trusted old newsman, Walter Cronkite did to LBJ in '68.

Here's the amazing truth that Brokaw voiced 50 fucking years later (but without the expletive) on the usually quite establishment program "Meet the Press" just before Thanksgiving:

"TOM BROKAW: Well I agree, listen. You know, when Donald Trump talks about security or Ben Carson, we're talking about
three-year-old orphans who are orphans and refugees because of American policy." [NBC transcript] ---- the key phrase being 'because of American policy'.

So, "Greatest Generation's" Tom Brokaw is unloading on the
big secret that it is "because of American policy" that things are so screwed up not only 'abroad' but in the US ---- just as Walter Cronkite told the American people the ugly truth that the Vietnam War was a deadly mistake and an imperialist war when he came back from Nam and leveled this charge at LBJ --- which forced him out of the race saying, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, we’ve lost the war.”

Now imagine what a surge for Bernie (AND the ANTI-War movement), and a nightmare for war-hawk Hillary, if NBC's Brokaw had exposed the full truth saying:

"We're talking about three-year-old orphans who are orphans and refugees because of the American policy of ACTING LIKE A FUCKING GLOBAL EMPIRE abroad and an economic tyranny at home"


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