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The Obama administration and the Poor

I consider myself a Democrat, but I am also middle class
which means that I am also ignored by both parties.

The Dirty little secret in AMERICA is that the RICH and
the POOR have it made in AMERICA while the middle class
get stuck holding the bill.

The Rich get their tax shelters and tax breaks and golden
parachutes and the POOR get their MEDICARE MEDICAID and WELFARE.

What we need in this country is simple.
1. TAX the rich- make them pay the same percentage as middle class
2. WELFARE REFORM- There are many welfare recipients that DO NOT deserve the BENEFITS. There are too many people on DRUGS, who never look for work, who use the system to their advantage.
I heard of stories of people who own houses and cars and recieve welfare and food stamps.
3.Penalize companies that OUTSOURCE.Right now we give tax breaks to corporations that OUTSOURCE, actually taking jobs away from AMERICANS should be a crime.
4.There should be a CAP on wall street bonuses. And companies that make poor decisions should not be bailed out.

The poor don't vote, but they BENEFIT from the sweat and blood of the middle class. It is a shame. The middle class is disappearing
but BARACK OBAMA is the ONLY person qualified to "right this ship".
REPUBLICANS have NO clue and NO SOULS they EXIST to BENEFIT the WEALTHY at any cost.


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