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Why would we expect sheep to

Why would we expect sheep to move against their shepard's desires? After all, they are thoroughly bred for it.

These people will masquerade their agenda as reasonable as they always have. It is up to numbers now. Can "We the People" figure out that the "man" is trying to keep his hegemony.

It is ironic that people like to site the private health insurance mandate when that was the Republican's doing. An actual liberal would never mandate the purchase of an item that is sold at profit by a rich person. A proper liberal would set insurance up as a universal graduated tax (if you don't want to pay don't take the money).

KimK's comments are irrelevant as I have not met a "conservative" "republican" who said anything different from her. None of them are good with actual Reality since they are all caught up in trying to live in a fictional world or are avoiding abandoning their parents fictional worlds, or they are corrupt, greedy, power-mongers that lap at the feet of "authority" in hopes of becoming the next lord of the land. Feudalism is good and there need not be rules to keep that from happening.


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