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I am a female, white, Christian, Conservative and I have to laugh at the posts on this site! Love how you are talking about how much us white conservatives are spreading hate and are "afraid of a black man as President" and all your other hate about whites! Give it a rest people! I don't like Obama because I don't like his politics and the more I listen to HIM the less I like him too. I think he's a phony, I think he has his own personal agenda and I don't think it's to take over the US and invoke "sharia law" I think it's to make a place for himself in the history books.
Sorry to shock you but there is hate on both sides of the political aisle and in between, there is hate in every race, creed, nationality, religion and sex. That doesn't mean that everyone or even the majority of each falls in to the same category. I'm a Right leaning Independent and Conservative. My three of my four closest friends are Moderate Democrats.
Everyone in this country has to quit spewing their poison hatred, that means everyone from far left to far right and everywhere in between.
Came across your webpage while doing some research for a class and was so dumbfounded at the hatred that I just thought I would give my two cents.
Blessings to you all!


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