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Interview with Prof. Chomsky on the 'Bell Curve'

Professor Chomsky’s point in the article is that the book (Bell Curve) and its resulting praise and ‘controversy’ are themselves the red herring. To put it succinctly and in somewhat vulgar terms, WTF does a score on an I.Q. test have to do with the distribution of wealth and power in any society?
Pointing to a, weakly asserted, correlation between a number on a sheet of paper and who has wealth and power in our society draws much needed focus from the arbitrary man made policies that distribute said wealth from the needy to the greedy. That is: for Herrnstein-Murray and their elite cheerleaders the topic should not be, for example, how high-tech industry would collapse in a true free market where the crutches of publicly funded research and development and subsidies have been removed. Nor should it be how the geniuses on Wall Street regularly crash the system and have to run to the nanny state to be rescued. No the topic should be a test score.
The Bell Curve is just a repackaging of the same old trope that ‘justified’ the existence of monarchs, oligarchs and plutocracies; the slaughter of Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans, and the exploitation of women etc and on and on. ‘It’s not the greed and evil in men’s hearts, it’s just natural selection.’ It used to be gods providence and manifest destiny; this time it’s the pseudo-scientific explanatory power of a test score.


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