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Self-determination hollow?

Interesting he saw self-determination as hollow. Now his people are declaring independence. The interests of the Niger Delta people has always been better served by the Igbo but they do not realize this. The same Petroleum Institute that Nigeria has planned to move up north was planned by Ojukwu to be sited at Port Harcourt. Whatever 'colonization' the people of the South South fear by Igbo is really unfounded. We have always had similar interests but the petty jealousies get in the way. The Igbo are not hated for killing Niger Deltans or trying to convert them to their religion but because they compete for jobs and have successful businesses where they go. This would continue to keep the Niger Deltans down.
As for the Igbo, we can hold our own with or without the support of any region. We do not need their oil or anything they have. Whether the Niger Deltans choose to remain in Nigeria or join Biafra, we will sour to they skies. Biafra is God's will and it shall b done.


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