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More on Cuba.

Small correction to Isaac-- Solidarity never has, and never will, take a vote on whether or not Cuba is fundamentally the same or different from other bureaucratic post-capitalist socities. I know there are a significant minority of us who agree with Farber that Cuba is another bureaucratic post-capitalist society like the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China. Like these socities, we are likely to see the restoration of capitalism-- not by the Miami right-wingers or jailed "counter-revolutionaries", but by significant elements of the old party-state officialdom that want to "cash in..." For better or worse, the debate on Cuba will soon be settled by historical development.

By the way, no one in Solidarity is a "Stalinophobe" by any reasonable definition-- No one supports imperialist intervention in Cuba, either military or political, as a "lesser evil" to the bureaucratic regime. "Stalinophobe" and "Sovietologist" are being used as a substitute for discussing actual positions and concrete realities.


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