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History of public education - info needed

Privatization of our education system is real and is underway. What I'm witnessing is corporations methodically muscling their way in via our government who is selling us out once again to big business. Privatization is ultimately going to do nothing but dumb down our society- create an even wider gap between the rich and poor. An educated person always has an advantage over one who is not. The only way to ensure that our population is educated is through a publicly funded system - not private institutions that only the rich can afford. I'm writing an article on the history of public education - hoping to bring awareness to people that public education has not always been around - it was hard won and now covertly being dismantled before our eyes - just like Medicare is. Have you any sources on when public education was instituted in Canada? I'm having a hard time finding such facts that I believe are vital. Thanks, Rena


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