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"But capitalists have a real incentive to create and reinforce racial hierarchies. By assigning different non-white groups to lower wage occupations and the reserve army, capital minimizes the potential development of broad based movements that organize around a common working class agenda. It can be seen as a divide and conquer tactic, par excellence."
What the heck? The conspiratorial language is really lame. I sure hope this isn't intended to be literal, i.e. natural selection is a product of forethought, not simply structural processes.

Anyway, what's missing from this piece is an examination of how human capital is built. I mean the behavioral stuff that is a product of all of our learning histories and is a direct product of our relative social privileges and status. A true structural analysis of class and race *cannot* exist without serious consideration of the mode of generational learning - knowledge transfer that takes place. The poor generally are weakened by their socio-economic positioning that leaves them bereft of the tools of consciousness that come precisely from an environment that comes from socio-economic status, just as the rich are strengthened by the environment that comes from being high-SES.

A simple example of this: imagine two babies born, one to a safe, loving, clean, low-stress home with cognitively enriching activities (learning opportunities) from two nurturing parents. Imagine the other born to a single, teenage mother who resents her child, doesn't care for it well, yells at it, ignores it, doesn't read to it, in a stressed-out, dangerous neighborhood.

Imagine these children growing up. What kind of education will they be prepared to receive? What careers will they have?

Now multiply this by a socio-economically segregated neighborhood, repeat a few generations, and what do you have. A beautifully orchestrated class system left to blossom by its evil structures.

Multiply this by ethnic disenfranchisement going back centuries, and you have a really fucked-over people, with a serious lack of human capital. You don't even need redlining, workplace discrimination to enforce a racial hierarchy. Our property system takes care of it for us.


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