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automation threatens the working class

McDonald's, Walmart and Uber. Three companies that are trying to pioneer the automation movement. My advice is to spread the word of a world wide boycott of these companies (and a list of others)who have put automation and corporate level profits ahead of ethics and empathy (empathy towards the human worker). Greater corporate level profits are the only real justification for automation and that only benefits a few at the top of those spheres of influence. Workers are capable of doing those things that they would have automation replace (we know this but maybe they forgot). And they forget another thing: "it's working class people who (through their patronage, support and loyalty) have been the foundation of all the corporate success and profit growth which they claim as their own". A boycott of all malicious companies (with their products and services) that embrace unethical corporate strategies (beginning with automation) is a great weapon for the middle class and working class masses in promoting good companies that believe in fostering a great symbiotic relation with their workers (who are also among their consumer class); and reprimanding those that don't. This is a great selling point for all those companies and small businesses who are competing with the greedy corporations currently utilizing (and trying to expand upon) automation. Automation may be "high tech", but it doesn't have to be culturally popular. God bless.


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